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Your Vote – Denis Agar on CBC

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Here’s Denis’s second clip from the CBC.  You’ll see how much work Denis does for the campaign, Ellen talking to young voters, and our new office

Green Party has better plan for cities, Miller says

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John Stall and 680News staff Toronto | Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 9:27 am
Toronto – Toronto Mayor David Miller has not officially endorsed a political party so far in this federal election campaign, but he certainly seems pleased with what he is hearing from the Green Party.

He’s not endorsing the Green Party, but believes it has the best plan for the three things that cities need most: a new funding framework, a national transit strategy and one-cent from the GST to sustain infrastructure.

Miller said the Conservatives’ plan for cites is out-of-date, but also doesn’t think the traditional army of Liberal candidates that dominate the city should be automatically re-elected without an urban plan and commitment.


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Welcome to the official site of Ellen Michelson, nominated candidate, Green Party of Canada, Toronto Centre.  We’ll be  updating this site over the coming days, so please check back soon. In the mean time, you can read about Ellen by clicking “About Ellen” in the above navigation.